The Association

The HELLENIC PROFESSIONAL YACHT OWNERS BAREBOAT ASSOCIATION –SITESAP, official body of the Greek yachting sector, represents about 350 member-companies, managing and operating about 2500 charterable yachts, of all types (single hull, catamaran, sail and motor boats) and sizes up to 24 meters long. The Association was established in 1997 and its members are based in the Athens area and also throughout Greece in marinas and ports, in various coastal and island locations.

The Association is professionally representing the yachting sector to the Greek governmental and other authorities.Yachting bases are in many locations, the most important being in Athens , Piraeus, Lavrion Attica, Corfu, Lefkada, Rhodes, Kos, Volos, Skiathos,Paros, Mykonos, Kalamata, Zakynthos, Crete. We note that yachts inGreece can sail and reach more than 150 marinas, ports, berthing facilitiesof the Greek seas and more than 300 islands and inlets.

The Association represents an extensive and excellent portfolio ofpreferred highly trained and experienced professionals – for YachtChartering Cruising – in Greece. By sailing your chartered boat you can experience a fantastic exploration to Greece’s most popular internationally renowned islands, an exciting sailing trip to the wonderful private coves,small uninhabited islands and the longest coastline in the Mediterranean(over 16000 kms).

Greece offers unforgettable nautical holiday experiences with endless variety of pictures and location to see.Sail the Greek islands – it’s a rare experience

350 Members

2500 Profesional Pleasure Yachts

The major goals promoted by Sitesap are the following :

  • To successfully provide all the legal support that is needed to all of its members during their professional activity ,which is required for any public or private entity.
  • To preserve and promote fully the professional , financial , insurance , trade union , social and moral rights and interests of its members.
  • To achieve cultivation of relations and create a strong bond among the members by spreading the spirit of solidarity, mutual assistance, and understanding.
  • To create infrastructural support towards maritime tourism (marinas, shelters, repair zones, shipyards etc.)
  • To modernize and complete the Legislative Framework with simplifying the procedures, with the reduction of the bureaucracy for further development and the reasonable function of the sector.
  • To participate and represent SITESAP on committees and permanent entities for maritime tourism issues.
  • To factionally improve and elevate the level of services provided by all the
    professionals in the maritime tourism towards the domestic and international clientele.
  • To promote and advertise Maritime Τourism in Greece.

The major means that are needed to successfully achieve the goals of the association are:

  • To maintain contact and offer insightful information by any means necessary to all the members of the association concerning their sector.
  • To publish all the articles to the media concerning the Association’s ways of action.
  • To dynamically claim any solution of any given problem with regular document notification but also with the personal contact of representatives to the competent state authorities and services to identify, record and immediately address the multitude of serious problems that may have been encountered and complicated the Greek professional world for years.
  • To organize all the training activities, seminars and conferences. But also, the organization of recreational and artistic events related to maritime tourism.
  • To successfully create a formation of working groups and study committees by members, that will be assigned with specific areas of action, IE research, suggestions and appropriate solutions that will solve multiple and chronic problems of the industry.
  • In general, any other legal actions that can be useful in order to promote the service and the purposes of the Association as well as the industry’s as a whole.


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